This is the new promotion from Esser. A brilliant promotion to outshine the rest, created so that our customers can take advantage of a free carwash at our WashTec tunnel. This carwash incorporates Acrylionic technology, a patented formula that gives better results than wax, as it strengthens the protective layer with every wash and so guarantees that the shine will last longer: a protect-and-repair effect.

As in our previous promotions, all we will ask you to do is access the form on our website at and fill in 2 fields. You will then receive a voucher in your email inbox that you will be to exchange after refuelling with a minimum spend of €50. You will also be able to access this promotion as many times as you wish, following the same conditions as established above (you can check these in this section of the website).

Now, with Esser, you can show off a car that truly outshines the rest.