84% of the leaders in the automotive field are betting on a future in which the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric motor vehicles coexist, however, 66% think that gasoline will continue to be present and 45% still advocates for diesel.

The First Observatory of Sustainable Mobility in Spain, carried out by Grant Thorton and the Ibercaja Foundation, argues that the primary obstacle to expanding the electric vehicle lies in the lack of autonomy. However, half of the directors consulted estimate that 500km of autonomy will be achieved in the next 5 years.

Throughout the presentation of the report, the need for Spain to bet on advanced networks of connectivity in new cars, especially the 5G connection, became clear. The advantages of having connected cars will be from the increase in active safety, the improvement of detection sensors and response time of the vehicle, to the improvement of vehicle autonomy or the improvement of road safety.

The presentation of the report was attended by the executive vice president of the Association of Manufacturers of Vehicles and Trucks (Anfac), Mario Armero; the general secretary of Industry and of the SME, Raül Blanco, and of different directors of the scope.