The range of fuels at ESSER allows you to refuel with ESSER EXTRA DIESEL, a superior quality diesel with a minimum of sulphur in its formulation. It is a fuel that helps to prevent the accumulation of deposits in the engine and the resulting higher fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.
It is recommended for high-mileage vehicle, as the engine uses less fuel in the long term, and for vehicles in cold climates, as it improves ignition efficiency at low temperatures.
ESSER EXTRA DIESEL is formulated to achieve more efficient combustion by allowing a uniform mix of fuel and air and helping the injectors to remain free of soot deposits. This improves engine performance and achieves more effective combustion, reducing carbon-monoxide emissions and contributing to improving air quality.
Other benefits of its formulation include better lubrication, corrosion prevention, preventing the formation of wax crystals that block the filters and preventing foam and reducing splashes.
ESSER EXTRA DIESEL is more gentle on the environment.
Available at ESSER Lloret de Mar and Pineda de Mar service stations.