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on the Costa Brava

Service station 24h in Pineda de Mar 

At our Esser tstations, we work to provide our customers much more than just a quality refuelling service.
We attend to the needs of travellers, drivers, families and professionals with proximity and a vocation for service.

Our services in Pineda de Mar






24-hour self service

All our fuels are high quality and microfiltered. Our Extra Diesel contains additives that improve combustion and engine performance. All at competitive prices. 24-hour self-service.

EV charging

We have high-speed charging points for electric cars, with modern technology that uses the latest systems to make charging completely safe.

Convenience store

A friendly area for enjoying a unique cup of coffee, refreshments, snacks for taking the edge of your hunger, warm, freshly baked bread, the daily press, spare parts, and articles for your car, etc.

Manual and automatic vehicle wash

A perfect manual or automatic wash, so that our customers can keep their vehicles looking like new. High-pressure system with automated sprays and elements that are gentle on the bodywork.

Drying and vacuuming

At our stations, you will find ample areas with high-power vacuum cleaners and drying points for cars and motorcycles, where you can take your time in adding the finishing touches to cleaning your vehicle.