It is increasingly common for drivers to check their smartphone while they are in full driving. We live in an interconnected world and receive a huge amount of notifications every day. All this supposes a great danger in the Spanish highways, where there are more accidents due to the smartphone dependence.

There are studies that ensure that we are not mobile addicts, that we are addicted to social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are the best known). A small distraction while watching your phone while driving increases 20% of having an accident. That is why the Fundación CEA has launched the campaign If you drive, do not chat. It is a spot where celebrities come out, such as the general director of the DGT, Pere Navarro, the road safety prosecutor, Bartolomé Vargas and the general chief of the traffic group of the Civil Guard, Ramón Rueda, among others.

Spot Si conduces, no chatees

Statistics say that 1 of 3 people use the phone at some point in the driving of their vehicle, which caused more than 104,000 complaints by the Civil Guard during the past year. One of the biggest problems is that the trend of using the smartphone on the road is increasing, that’s why there are some apps to put the phone in car mode (a way very similar to airplane mode) so try not to distract the driver.

To date, an infraction like looking at the phone while driving can mean an economic penalty of € 200 + the withdrawal of 3 points from the driver’s license. It is being studied to take up to 6 points to try to down the statistics of the drivers who look at the mobile phone, but for the moment there is no agreement.